SeneGence ShadowSense Eye Shadows

Experience the long-lasting anti-aging ShadowSense by SeneGence eye shadows.  These come in matte finish with a few that are available in shimmers, and are a creme to powder eye shadow.  The versatile formula can be worn separately, blended with additional colors, used as a soft eyeliner to create stunning eye looks.

Amethyst ShadowSense

Candlelight ShadowSense

Denim ShadowSense

Garnet ShadowSense

Copper Rose Shimmer


Moca Java (Matte or Shimmer)

Mulberry ShadowSense

Onyx ShadowSense

Pink Frost ShadowSense

Pink Opal (also in Matte)

Pink Posey ShadowSense

Sandstone Pearl Shimmer

Silver Shimmer ShadowSense

Silver Violette ShadowSense


Smoked Topaz

Snow ShadowSense

Whisper Pink ShadowSense

Smoked Topaz Shimmer