LipSense Lip Gloss

LipSense lip gloss is required to lock in the LipSense Lip Color on your lips.  Dehydrated and damaged lips are no match for the moisturizing ability of Shea Butter, a natural ingredient used as the base for the many textures of LipSense Glosses.  Moisturizing glosses improve the longevity of LipSense Liquid Lip Color, while covering and protecting naked lips.

Bougainvillea Gloss

Slight Reddish-Pink Tint with Shimmer

Glossy Gloss

This LipSense lip gloss has a crystal clear glassy finish and is the most popular gloss.  SeneGence lip gloss is a must have to bring out the the most vibrant color in your LipSense.

Gold Glitter Gloss

Tiny Specks of Gold Glitter

Matte Gloss

Matte Satin Finish

Opal Gloss

Vibrant Purple-Pink Iridescent Shimmer

Orchid Gloss

Slight Purple-Pink Tint with Iridescent Shimmer

Pearl Gloss

Milky Pearlescent Sheen

Pink Glitter Gloss

Tiny Specks of Pink Glitter

Rose Gloss

Slight Rose Pink Tint

Sand Gloss

Light Beige Tint with Soft Shimmer

Silver Glitter Gloss

Tiny Specks of Silver Glitter

Diamond Kiss Gloss - LIMITED EDITION - $22

Clear gloss with a diamond dust finish.  This limited edition gloss is gorgeous over any LipSense color!

Prism Lip Gloss - LIMITED EDITION - $22

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